The original draft of the post-’Super Bowl script did not include Kurt or his crush Blaine. Luckily, Ryan Murphy shoehorned the pair into the high-profile episode at the 11th hour — much to the relief of one Chris Colfer. “It definitely made me a little nervous that they were having a huge episode without my character, to be sure,” Colfer confesses. “But they did squeeze us in. We’re in it for, like, a minute, but it’s a very happy minute.” The Golden Globe nominee goes on to admit that life on the Glee set has been a little “odd” since his character left McKinley High for the far more inclusive Dalton Academy. “It feels like I’m on a different show,” he says. “It’s kind of lonely to be honest, because I don’t have Amber [Riley] there with me. It’s weird. I feel like I’m a guest star.”

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